The EY Health
Market Navigator

The EY Health Market Navigator is a powerful and flexible proprietary health analytics platform.

The tool helps answer such questions as:

  • Which new geographies should I enter?
  • How does my network footprint compare to my competitors?
  • Where do mergers and alliances offer opportunities for improved service and value?
  • Am I making the most of the reimbursement landscape in my markets?

The EY Health Market Navigator is a broad analytical capability that supports acceleration of insights into health care supply and demand for any market in the USA.

  • The tool provides valuable insight into demographics, geography, service area, competition, volume and demand.
  • Information can be customized, cross-referenced and benchmarked against client data sets to assess competitive positioning, trending, revenue opportunities, risks and projections.


Data analytics plays a significant role in developing business strategies, identifying opportunities and

assessing risks. The EY Health Market Navigator provides companies with:

  • Deep and precise real-time analysis and insight into health market dynamics to assess competitive positioning, trending, revenue opportunities, risks, and projections
  • Enhanced ability to make informed business decisions when embarking on critical strategic initiatives or forming enterprise level strategies around any given market or service
  • Evaluating demographic and competitive environment; review of hundreds of demographic factors to examine the key drivers of the market today vs. where will it be in five years

Health systems are no longer in the care delivery business. They are in the care management business, driving quality, cost and patient experience – making money, or not, taking care of patient populations end to end. They are seeking new partners. Sometimes other health systems, often players from outside of the provider market – insurers, retailers and device manufacturers – all to win in the new game of care management.

Organizations that could benefit

  • Middle-market providers looking for growth
  • Larger multi-site regional or local health systems looking for market expansion, repositioning or a re-evaluation of their service offerings at any given location
  • Payers interested in better understanding the local patient and provider base, networks’ overlap, synergy and revenue opportunities
  • Private equity firms examining the health care industry and determining where to invest or add more services
  • Any health organization facing new market entrants, experiencing cost pressures, contemplating a cross-sector transaction or looking to evaluate their facility configurations

Sample use scenarios

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